Today, The foundation have acted as a thriving source of employment for 10, 000 weavers - 60% of whom are women, Mostly artisans are gaining confidence, social values and so many skills which will carry them further in life. Upgrading their life style.
The Saraswatii Foundation has transformed so many lives. Some artisans and weavers have seen their lives changing with a motto, aim, and in so many manner. The following are true success stories of common men and women who have worked their hearts out to be different.

Radheshyam Sharma

Village Name Mithari, Location Nagaur
Winning against adversities

Virtues can make a man stand up to the world and get counted. Does this sound too cliché? Maybe, but it is worth repeating time and again due to the intrinsic truth of the statement. The truth is more perceivable in people who had faced adversities at a very tender age that might have denied them the opportunity of getting the basic education that is deemed necessary to earn a respectable place in the society today. But all may not be lost forever if one can muster the courage to display his inner strength in the face of adversity and demonstrate his capabilities to the world for acknowledgement and recognition.

A case in point is the story of Radheshyam Sharma, the son of a small farmer in the remote Mithari village. Radheshyam was compelled to give up his studies only when he was studying in class five and start searching for livelihood. In 1992, when he was just eighteen years, he managed to get a job in Saraswati Global Pvt Ltd. His first assignment was Carpet Packaging and report to checking team.

Radheshyam never lost his self belief and had total faith in his abilities. A smart and quick learner with a receptive mind, he chose to keep his senses alert, eyes and ears wide open while discharging the mundane duties of keeping people happy. He started learning things that interested him at the work place. It became his learning ground. He learnt many things about various other works in the office and demonstrated his abilities to do other kinds of work.

His sincerity, hard work and desire to learn soon caught the attention of the people who mattered in the company. Radheshyam, the Carpet Packing Worker of the company was found to be more reliable in some other areas of work too. The company was quick to identify his potential and use him for better purposes. Sharma was elevated from the position of a carpet packing to undertake more responsible duties befitting his abilities. That was the beginning of a rewarding journey for Radheshyam Sharma.

Today, having risen to the position of Assistant Manager- Packaging and Finishing, he is grateful to the company for reposing their faith in his abilities that are deeply rooted in his virtues, the sight of which he never lost despite all odds. Learning has overtaken education, at least for Radheshyam, who has emerged a winner.